Create Shared Understanding of Organizational Maturity

Originally recorded on June 20, 2018

Organizational change management capability is an enabler of agility, mitigater of saturation, provider of competitive advantage and facilitator of strategic progress. But growing this capability takes more than talk; it takes structure and intent.

Join Tim Creasey for an interactive webinar that reviews the tools, tactics and approaches for increasing organizational maturity. Explore six universal themes that have emerged from innovators and early adopters who are increasing their maturity and then apply each of those themes to your unique situation. Attendees will learn how to audit their current maturity and learn how to leverage the audit as a baseline to guide efforts and track their progress.

Based on content from Tim Creasey’s pre-conference workshop from ACMP 2018, “Change Management Maturity: Measuring and Raising Your Organizational Capability.”

Download the slides | Download the handout